For the families wishing to bury their loved ones in their country of origin, MEGREMIS funeral home offers the option of handling to the fullest extend, the transportation and funeral ceremony, in a dignified and safe manner, to any location in Greece or abroad.

Transportation of remains

As a team, we value and comprehend to the highest degree, the emotional turmoil stirred up around the subject of repatriation, and the level of responsibility required to carry out the process. We handle the transportation to the fullest extend, following the rules and regulations passed by the International Healthcare Organization and the European Union, that apply to our country or the destination country.

We are equipped with a fleet of vehicles, and partner with the best funeral homes on an international level, to make sure that the transportation process will be carried out with reverence and professionalism, quickly and securely, alleviating friends and family of the deceased, from all stresses related to the process at hand.

Our human-centric approach

Repatriation is a process where the remains of a deceased individual are transported and buried in the country of their choice, or a choice made by friends and family of the person. At the moment of the last goodbye, repatriation is a symbolic gesture in order for the deceased to rest where they felt closest to home, or where their loved ones are.

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