Commemorations serve as symbolic rites based on religion. The attendees partake in acts of commemorative communion in remembrance of the deceased. These rituals pay homage to the person that has passed, a time period after the funeral. Our team, through the steady values of services we provide, treats every service with the appropriate reverence and responsibility.

Memorial services

Our team offers all necessary information and experience for the three days, nine days, six, month and annual rituals you may wish to hold. We care for all aspects of organizing and we come through to all of your needs, freeing you of the burden of planning for these rituals.

Through our long lasting partnerships with field experts, we care of all your needs, taking into account the budget set by you, and respecting the difficulties faced by you and your family, in these days of loss.

Our human-centric approach

The services we offer are always personalized. With respect to individuality of every person, and the impact they had on the lives of friends and family. Taking our services on the next level, we offer the ability of support messages sent via digital platforms, to all those unable of attending the services in person, at no extra cost. These messages are collected by members of our staff, and handed to you after the end of the ceremony.

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