Cremation services

In the process of a cremation, the remains are reduced to ashes within a specially formed incinerator. This process may either be the wish of the deceased, or the preferred method of the ones close to them, for religious, political or sanitary reasons, or simply due to preference. For the time being, cremation services are conducted abroad, and Greece, this type of procedures are being held in Bulgaria.

According to the presidential mandate released on the 15th of March of 2006, our country adheres to the legislation abided by all country members of the European Union concerning cremations, offering the option of incinerating the deceased, provided the explicit declaration of the person in question or of the spouse and blood relatives.

Transportation of the remains

MEGREMIS funeral home has hold of a fleet of vehicles and trustworthy personnel to ensure that transportation is carried out with respect and professionalism, safe and secure, alleviating friends and family of the deceased from all stresses related to this aspect of planning. We are in attendance for every step of the process, from maintenance and transportation, until the incineration.

Our human-centric approach

In order to keep up with your needs, we take care of the journey to Bulgaria, supervision of the cremation process, as well as being by the family’s side throughout the process, providing you with the support you need, in these difficult times.

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