We treat each ceremony as a turning point for your life. Grief forms a normal part of the circle of life, branding moments of whomever it affects.

Our vision, since the beginning, has been to walk beside you on this journey, and alleviate you of the stresses related to planning and organizing after the passing of a loved one. This is the reason behind our warm and welcoming facilities.

Megremis Funeral Home

We fully executed our vision in 2005, in branching out and furthering our business by inaugurating the MEGREMIS funeral home. The building is conveniently located across Tripoli’s main cemetery, Aghia Triada, ensuring easy access. We have created a modern building with 2 specifically arranged housing spaces, fully equipped for all types of ceremonies. Our spaces have the capacity of hosting 80- 300 guests with the provision of coffee and food.

The well thought-out aesthetics, autonomy and high quality of services in each room, are staple characteristics of our services. We also provide space for exhibitions, easy access for the disabled as well as spacey parking slots for better comfort.

Megremis Funeral Home Office

Our office, located in central Tripolis, is the space where our business begun, a business that was formed through years of experience and sticking to our values and vision.

This approach helped us develop in this field and expand our services from ideas into action. One of these ideas has been the creation of such a professional environment, making people feel at ease upon entry, in order to discuss in detail the planning and organizing of ceremonies.