MEGREMIS funeral home was founded in 1993 in the city of Tripolis, by Grigorios Megremis, and as a team and a family, we aim for a human-centric approach. Our business policy is to serve with respect, dignity and reliability. Values that are transferred from generation to generation to ensure the highest quality of services.

Currently our funeral home is directed by the oldest sibling, Panos Megremis, and as a team, we work together for the continuation of our reliable services, recognising the importance of dignity in the most difficult moments of your life.


With our years of experience in the sector, special equipment and well trained staff, our team can arrange any type of funeral or rite, providing only the highest quality of services, for a low cost. Furthermore, in 2005, we founded MEGREMIS funeral home, an elegant estate, fully equipped to offer food and refreshments following the service, to honor the deceased. We stand by your side, respecting your traditions and wishes.

With our goal to cater to all of your needs, even in adverse situations, we actively participate in European conferences and Exhibitions, thus expanding our services in quality.

The MEGREMIS funeral home offers a wide range of services, from the simplest to the most innovative requests, paying attention to detail, and highly regarding your personal needs and wishes, at the lowest possible cost.

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