Religious Ceremonies

Religious Ceremonies

Religious Ceremonies

In Greek, the literal meaning of the word used for “funeral” (κηδεία) , derives from the verb «Κήδομαι», literally meaning “to care for”, in regard to the respect attributed to the deceased by means of the purification and burial process with honors and blessings. Our team follows in line with the times honoring tradition and making sure that bidding your loved ones farewell will be accomplished the way they deserved it, catering to all of your needs.

Care of human remains

We respect your loved ones and ensure that you will preserve the notion of them, unblemished, as their personality and desires are featured in the rite. Through years of training in Greece and abroad, we are able to guarantee a decent image of the departed, during the ceremony
In our funeral home, we recognise the needs of our community and we contribute with provision of excellent services at a low cost. Visit us, and we will handle your needs with care and respect.

The ritual

MEGREMIS funeral home conducts all rituals with respect towards your religious rites and financial capabilities. Our goal for every rite, is that is is characterized by dignity, trust and consistency, alleviating you from any burden by handling all the details

Human-centric approach

Our team is highly aware of importance that human bonds hold, and the challenges a family may face in a time of loss. We will stand by your side for every step until the moment of your last goodbye.

We organise all the details of the rituals, and we coordinate our associates in order to cater to your wishes. Every aspect of this sacred rite, is organised entirely by our services, based on your needs and budget.

For the ones close to the deceased, incapable of attending the ceremony, we offer the possibility to honor the deceased digitally. Any message of support is handed to you, along with all the necessary paperwork that you may need for carrying out of various procedures, in a special folder, at the end of the rite.