Humanist Ceremonies

Humanist Ceremonies

Humanist Ceremonies

A humanist, or non-religious ceremony is a ceremony performed before the burial or cremation of the deceased, without any rituals of a religious nature, as chosen by the deceased or the family, mainly for reasons closely tied to religion. In Greece, this form of ceremonies has been legal since 1976. At MEGREMIS funeral home, with respect to free will, we administrate non-religious rituals and guide the friends and family of the deceased in every step of the way.

Care of human remains

Human remains are treated with utmost respect in our specially equipped facilities. Through our years of experience and international training, highly qualitative services for your loved ones in their final resting place. We ensure a proper image for your beloved, that will help preserve an untarnished impression of their spirit in your mind, forever.

The ceremony

We understand that the feelings of loss and grief are no different in lack of religious belief. Respect, dignity and reliability form in all cases, our most precious values, guiding our team throughout the organization and planning of the ceremonies.

In specifically arrange locations of your choice, we carry out services, offering the option for friends and family to hold speeches, in honor of the deceased, while at the same time, through our trusted partners and associates, planning every last detail such as the decoration of the room and flower arrangements.

Our human-centric approach

We make sure that your last goodbye, will firmly be connected to the person and their family. Recognising the unique nature of every human, and the bonds with their loved ones, we fully customize our services based on your wishes and financial capabilities, always ensuring an unparalleled level of quality in our services.

Understanding the needs of the people closest to you, we offer the possibility of logging their sympathetic thoughts and wishes during the ceremony. Taking our services one step ahead, we also offer a chance to the ones close to the deceased, that didn’t have the chance to be present during the ritual, to deliver their messages of love and support, through digital platforms at no extra cost. The messages will be directly delivered to you, along with the documents necessary for carrying out various procedures, within a folder handed to you, at the end of the rite.